What are the course details for 2024?

This years course will run from 11th to the 17th August 2024.

The course fee is set at €250 which includes a €20 non-refundable booking fee to secure your place.

What do I need to bring to camp?

Things you DO need in KAD:

  • Sleeping bag or Duvet, Sheet and Pillow
  • Teddy Bear (Optional)
  • Towels
  • Flip Flops for the Shower
  • Toiletries
  • Clothes that will get you through the many weather changes we will experience!
  • Sun Cream (brought in hope of weather that calls for it)
  • Money, but not too much because we won’t be leaving camp. It’s just for whatever treats you’d like to buy in the camp shop. Some of our composers will have CD’s/Music books for sale on camp so if you wish to purchase these, bring some money with you for that purpose. Equally, we hope to have some extra course books for sale should you wish to purchase them at a cost of €15
  • Musical Instrument (If you play one and it’s portable, we’d love for you to bring it along!)
  • Anything you need for Talent Show/ Fancy Dress Opportunities 😉
  • Medication or Specialised Food Items (if needed)

Things you really DO NOT need in KAD:

  • Please remember that this is a camp facility and you will be living with a lot of people for the week. Things get broken and go missing and cause great upset. If it is very important to you, leave it somewhere safe at home!

What is involved in a typical day on course?

  • Breakfast together as a whole group
  • Morning Prayer
  • Sessions – this is where you learn your music, with opportunities to both sing and play
  • Movement Breaks
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Entertainment
  • Dinner
  • Sessions
  • Evening Prayer
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Small Group Tutorials

An example timetable is available HERE

Are participants allowed off site?

Under 18 year old participants

Participants may leave camp on certain activities, such as walking and swimming. They are always under the supervision of at least 2 leaders.

Over 18 year old participants

Participants are required to sign on and off of camp if they are leaving on their own and not on an activity organised by the course.