KnockadoonML Camp Rules

In order to live in community during the week, we ask that you abide by these rules.

The Basics

  • All Participants, Leaders and Visitors must wear their given name badges at all times.
  • No Participant under the age of 18 is permitted to leave the Camp without a responsible adult AND permission from the Course Director.
  • This includes trips to the beach/pier.
  • Participants wishing to leave the Camp during free time, must sign out (and sign back in) once permission has been granted by the Course Director. A sign in/out book will be kept in the staff room.
  • No alcohol, smoking and/or drugs are allowed on the camp. Persons under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will not be permitted on the Camp.
  • Participants should be appropriately dressed at all times.
  • Participants must be respectful to all persons on camp at all times. Violence, bullying and abusive or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and participants in breach of these rules may be asked to leave Camp.
  • Participants are expected be on time for all scheduled activities and for roll-call.
  • Participants are expected to respect their peers and switch off all mobile phones during teaching sessions and prayer.
  • Personal property is to be respected at all times. Stealing or wilful damage will not be tolerated. Property brought to the Camp is stored at the owner’s risk.
  • Any equipment/musical instruments etc. on the camp are the property of either the Course, the Camp or an individual using the Camp. Participants must not use or interfere with such items without the owner’s permission.

The Bunkhouses

  • Everyone has been assigned a room. No one may change their accommodation without the permission of the Course Director.
  • Lights Out will be announced nightly and will be determined by the activities of that evening.
  • At the end of night-time entertainment all Participants must go directly to their bunkhouse.
  • Participants are required to remain in their own bunkhouse after Lights Out.
  • No Participants may enter the bunkhouse of another Participant.
  • The bunkhouses are only to be accessed during free time and in the evenings unless by a Leader’s permission.
  • Participants are expected to be considerate of others in terms of taking showers, playing music and talking loudly.
  • Participants are expected to respect their peers and to refrain from taking photos or recordings while in the bunkhouses as this is a private area.
  • You are responsible for the room you are in, please leave it in the tidy state that you found it.


  • The Course has official photographers/videographers to document the week, take group photos etc.
  • Participants who do not wish to have their image used for the promotion of KnockadoonMusic and Liturgy Course must make this known to the Course Director on their application form.
  • If you have taken photos/video during the week, please obtain the permission of those in your photographs if you wish to publish them online or in other media. It is illegal to publish a person’s photo without their permission.
  • It is necessary, when sharing images or videos taken by others, both to obtain the photographer’s/ videographer’s permission and to acknowledge their copyright.

Water Safety & Swimming

Please note that despite its close proximity, Knockadoon pier and slipway are outside the boundary of Camp (see Basics above).

  • Extreme care should be taken when going out on the pier as it can be very slippery with dangerous falls on both sides.
  • Swimming can only take place at appointed times and in the presence of a qualified lifeguard.